Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Training Tuesday - week 15 of 22

This past week has been full of some real challenges and I knocked them out of the park.

To start off my week was a crazy hard tempo run. Now I don't say crazy hard because it was hard to run, but rather because it was the hardest scheduled run that I've had to do so far and will have to do in this whole training thing, and I TOTALLY ROCKED IT! I owned that run! My breakdowns were as amazing! All of them were in the range, they should have been except for a couple which were a few seconds faster than scheduled to be. Oh well! The other rockin' part was that I had so much energy and umph at the start that I really had to struggle to slow myself down. I even checked my watch because I was so convinced that something was wrong because it felt too easy to run those paces. Just goes to show you what a difference the time of day can make!

My easy runs went well this week too. On Thursday I felt really tired but pushed out my 8k (next week it moves up to 9k) and on Sunday we had such a busy day planned that I wanted to get my run over with in the morning. I also know that Steve is trying to run more, so I kicked his ass into gear and we both hit the road with a double stroller and the whole family did a 5k run together. We even had both babies asleep at the end of the run.

My long run this weekend did not go as planned. I only managed to get just over 24km partially outside and partially on the treadmill. I have made peace with this. I was really upset after I stopped when my hip and left thigh hurt. But I thought about it and got some great feedback from other running moms and I think it's worth it to cut one long run short in 22 weeks of training, especially since I'll be running 32km twice still before my marathon. So the heat got me again, but I did managed to save some baby snapping turtles during my run, and made it through without pain the next day, so that is a win in my book.

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