Monday, August 6, 2012

Wonderful, though long holiday.

I always used to find random holidays to be silly. Things like family day, the August civic holiday, etc., they were all just another day off or to go shopping. But since having children I really treasure these holidays that give us an extra day as a little family. Today I let Steve have his first day of working on his company and the girls and I spent the day at home. In the morning we were up early and had a wonderful breakfast together. Then right after we made a trip to the big park near our house, and from the time we headed out in the stroller until the time we returned was almost two hours. So everyone got some fresh air and sunshine and lots of exercise. Katrina decided to cry for most of the way to the park but was much happier on the way home, and worn out.

The struggles from the two of them came after lunch. Lillian wouldn't stop hanging on me, no matter how much time I gave to her, she just clung to me and whined whenever I tried to do anything. So cooking, washing dishes, etc.. was a very trying task. Then after we finally got everything settled in the kitchen and moved on to playing, the two of them just didn't want to get along. Anything Katrina wanted to play with, Lillian came and ripped away from her. Anytime Lillian would try to play quietly such as reading a book or putting together a puzzle, Katrina was right there to "help" and that upset Lillian. So by 3:30pm both girls were constantly throwing hissy fits at each other and shrieking and starting to slap one another. I finally gave up trying to separate them and took them both upstairs for a nap. Considering Katrina napped for almost three hours after the park this morning I'm not sure how long she'll actually nap for, if at all.

So I've enjoyed a nice morning with two happy babies but the afternoon was a bit of a trial and makes me happy to have Steve back soon and a nice run tomorrow morning. I can use that run to burn off this stress from the fighting and whining! But no one ever said motherhood would only have good days, so I'm off to check on the little ladies and see if either of them are actually asleep in their beds!

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