Friday, September 7, 2012

Baby update!

Lillian eating her zucchini!
So remember when I told you about the zucchini with pasta sauce that I made for Lillian and she gobbled it up. As you can tell by the pasta sauce on her face (to the right) you can see how much she gobbled it up.

Doll house for my ladies!
I also wanted to let everyone know that I talked to my family about the fabulous idea of getting our little ladies a doll hose and they are all on board! So now I need to figure out what rooms everyone wants to get for them and then figure out which place in town to get the house and all our sets from! So excited! I love that I know what to get the girls for Christmas because it means I can focus on getting the little things for their stockings and such on sale and just worry about ordering the house after Lillian's birthday.

  • In other news the first week of the Fall term is OVER and I'm both happy and nervous for next week because it's going to be LONG and we have a lot going on the weekend, including both a wedding and a 3rd birthday party! So needless to say I am going to be exhausted. Lucky for me my coach will be there to run my long run with me on the Saturday which will help me drag my tired, sorry butt out of bed early on Saturday so I can get it done!

    Lastly, I had a long talk with my husband the other night about the thought of having a third baby and we came to a consensus. He decided that since I really want another baby and he is pretty much indifferent and knows he'll love that baby once we have him or her, we should go for it. I am really happy and have told him that I'll go see my doctor in late November/early December to have a talk and get things sorted out so (meaning get rid of my birth control) and we can start the process of trying for another. He asked me when I won't just go next week to make it easier and I laughed at him, reminding him of my marathon in 5 weeks. He didn't seem to think that a marathon would get in the way of getting pregnant. I think he needs to realize that getting pregnant would get in the way of running a marathon! That and my coach only agreed to train me for the race, when I assured her that I would NOT be trying for another baby until after the race was over. Plus, I don't want to have my maternity leave begin until Lillian would start JK so then I would return to work when she is in SK and I'd only have to pay for two in daycare. Yes I plan things this precisely. So now I have to keep my coworkers (at least the majority of them who are not close friends outside work - so shhhh Dee and Cecilia) from finding out that I will actively be trying to get pregnant and it could cause our department to be without BOTH advisors for up to 4 months since my co-advisor is pregnant and will be gone all of 2013. I figure, I can't let my job dictate the space I want between my second and final baby, and who knows how long it will take me to get pregnant. I know people who have been trying for years for their second, so who knows. Three may not even be in the cards for us, but we're going to give it our best shot! ;)
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