Monday, September 3, 2012

Mischief managed.

On Sunday I let my husband have the Sunday off and he headed to the CNE with a theater friend of ours while I hung out with our ladies. The girls and I had a wonderful day.
Katrina after digging in the dirt.
We went to the local home depot to pick up some plants for my office. I came home and re-potted them into larger pots. Then we had a delicious lunch followed by some backyard pool and sandbox fun. Katrina passed out for her nap in the afternoon and then after she woke up we went to store to pick up a few things for Monday, like milk for the girls so we don't run out. After we had dinner we played with their toys and got Steve's Sunday chores done, like cleaning the bird cages and getting the garbage to the curb and all that. Then they had a nice bubble bath and went down for bed without any fuss or complaint, and then I got to relax a bit and read my books until I was ready to pass out.

All in all it was a wonderful day other, than Katrina finding a basket full of potting soil on the deck and ended up rubbing it all over herself and in her hair. They didn't need a bath last night but Katrina decided otherwise. But that's okay. These girls love their bubble bathes, just DO NOT try to wash their hair. ;)

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