Monday, September 10, 2012

Runners Ache or Mommy Aches?

My advanced marathoning book said it's normal for runners to feel a bit sore or ache all the time. Now I'm not talking serious pain or really bad (so you can't walk) ache but a dull throb or soreness in both legs pretty much all the time and I've hit this point now. The hard part is trying to figure out whether this soreness stems from my running only or whether all the stuff I run around and do as a mom has something to do with it too. I ran 32k on Saturday and spent far less time sitting than I should have to rest. The same thing (lack of rest that is) happened again on Sunday, and well, I'm a university advisor and today was the first day of term, so guess how much rest I go today? Yeah, squat until 8pm once the babies were in bed and I hit the couch.

The hard part of being a crazy running mama is trying to figure out what pain is from life in general and getting older or carrying my girls on my hip too much, and what pain is from pushing myself too hard on my runs. Right now I suspect it's all just general athletic soreness (may I just say that I LOVE saying that). The only concern is my butt pain, which every once and a while creeps up in my run and says "BAH you hurt now! No more run for you!" but it only stopped me that one day and after my rest week it's feeling better and my coach has given me a pose (pigeon pose anyone) to stretch it out. I was doing a baby version of it in my booty camp class which may be why it didn't flare up until recently since I've been a major slacker on my cross training (but seriously I'm in enough pain without pissing off any extra muscles thank you very much), even my fitness videos.

So my plan is simple. Rest up tonight. Carb up a bit and hit the road bright and early tomorrow and do as much of a speed run as I can. Coach said if I'm not feeling it or I'm going to hard to step back a bit so I'll take her advice. Right now my hubby and I have decided to spontaneously order a pizza and watch some Netflix while the babies sleep. If that isn't a great plan for rest I don't know what is!

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