Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Training Tuesday - Week 16 of 22

I had a wonderful rest week.

I did my two easy runs back to back day wise but further apart than you would expect. The Tuesday run was done at 6am and the other run took place on Wednesday after I got home from work, so I started it late in the day. I'm glad that I managed to get them both over quickly because that left me available to do my long run on Friday and take the weekend off! I haven't taken a weekend off since I started this training plan so it was a BIG deal. I used it to let my husband take Sunday off and go to the CNE in Toronto. He spends a lot of time being a solo dad while I run for hours and hours and hours and I wanted to give him a day off.

So I rocked this week's training and rested up so I will do AWESOME in my next week's tempo run and 32k trek on the weekend!

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