Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Training Tuesday - Week 17 of 22

This week marks the last first week of a 3 week training group before my marathon!

So my tempo run was awesome. I knocked it out of the park. I ran my heart out and it was  a holiday Monday so I got to run when I felt like it as opposed to first thing in the morning. I planned my run, and took off and did a great job.

My easy runs were tough on me this week. Wednesday I had to get up so early that I could fit it in before work and it was a struggle for me. I had a hard time getting this run in, and the same was said on Sunday. My legs were so heavy and sore that I struggled to get myself moving on this run. Lucky for me we've kinda turned Sunday into family run day so we all went for the run. That means I had my family to support me on the run in order to keep going.

So my long run was good too. I hit the scarey wall this run but managed to push past it. I am happy that I got through it and so proud that I pushed past that dark place. It also felt good to know I can push through that scary unhappy place with a little bit of faith and A LOT of positivity! So all I need now is another 10k and I can get though anything.

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