Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Training Tuesday - week 19 of 22

This week was my furthest distance I've covered in the whole training regimen.

My tempo run was delayed on the day due to a sucky baby, who got her shots the day before, so I had to run it on the treadmill instead of outside, but whatever! I rocked the run and was so proud that I pushed through it and finished all my hard tempo runs. I am one powerful and tough running mommy and I don't have to do tempo or speed for a while now, like, not until November! Woot!

My easy runs were just that. Nice and easy. I went a bit faster on Sunday than usual but my watch died half way through the run, but since I was running a standard route, I knew the distance.
On Wednesday we actually did a run after dinner with the girls in the stroller so we were a big family out on a run. It was really nice.

My long run on Saturday started out on a very negative note. I was packing my stuff and when I got to my water belt, I noticed the lids of my water bottles were black with mold. No wonder my water tasted off earlier this week. Steve assured me he's been scrubbing the lids but that didn't help me at that moment where I had to decide between using them or running with moldy lids since the scrubby brush was not working. I decided to run with a simple water bottle and Steve saved the day by packing up the girls and running to the Running Room. I barely made it 6km and he was back with new lids for my bottles. So I filled the belt and headed out again. I did a whole bunch of loops of a little road just off our street. It's 3.1km to run the whole thing both ways so I just did that a bunch of times in various combos to finish off 32km. Steve and the girls even came out and ran from 12-17k with me. It was nice to have them there for the middle bit. I got through the run without hitting a dark part, and when my legs started to hurt at the end I actually yelled at them to "suck it up" and keep going. I must have sounded like a crazy person during the run but I don't care because I rocked it!

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