Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Running is coming back.

I am starting to feel like myself again when I run. I felt like a slug the first few runs but today I managed a 5.2-5.4mph pace on my treadmill and broke 10km which is more than I expected but everything I hoped for. My legs started to feel looser, my butt did NOT get cranky, my lungs were good, and other than having to pee like three times (working on upping my water and dropping my coffee) the run was standard. While that might not sound like anything exciting, I'm working on dropping my 4lbs I gained from tapering for my marathon, and eating candy, and avoiding the treadmill is NOT going to do that. I'm not so weight crazy that I'm stressing over 4lbs but my pants felt a bit snug today (from too much salt the past few days) and I'd like to lose those pounds before Christmas so when we start trying for our third baby I will be at a lower starting weight.

My plan? I want to get back to the 3 or 4 runs a week I was doing when I was training, no where near the distances of then, but just back in the habit of it. I also want to get a cross training day in. Something I can keep up when running gets hard later on. We'll see if my loving husband will let me go out on Thursday so I can hit up my dance fitness studio and work on strengthening that pesky butt muscle that likes to give me trouble.

Hurray for a completed 10k run! Now to avoid all the Halloween candy so I can have dessert on my anniversary.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Party rest.

Our little fairy!
The party went off without a hitch and Lillian had an absolute blast! At one point we had 13 kids and 17 adults packed into our house. I tried to keep it small but we are just so gosh darn popular that everyone we invited came, and that pretty much never happens.  We had a lovely Halloween party for all our friends and their kids.

Lillian wanted to be a fairy so that's what she is dressed up as. Katrina went as the Canadian Olympic Gold medalist (trampoline), I went as a marathoner, and Steve went as a coach. We also had two ladybugs, a tiger, a lion, Elizabeth Bennet, a 50's girl, a dinosaur, and a strawberry. All the kids looked so cute! I think we'll have to push Lillian's birthday back a week forever!

Bat cupcakes instead
I was very smart this year and decided not to cook the food for the party and we ordered pizza. I baked bat cupcakes instead of making a big cake and they were a bit hit! Once I figured out the number of people coming I actually had to make a big cake too, so that was funny but both were yummy and so was everything else that we had!

On Sunday we managed another nice family run. My garmin decided to not play nice but that's okay because I caught it and we turned it on only losing 1km of tracking. The rest of our Sunday was spent hanging out at home with my family, which is always wonderful.Now I've got all our Halloween pumpkin carving to look forward to over the next few days.
The birthday fairy.

Friday, October 26, 2012

It's Friday already!?

I can't believe that it's already Friday. Where on earth did this week go?! I managed to do so much this week both at work and at home. I killed my to do list at work! I went from 15 items down to to only 3! Yes I am just that amazing! I finally feel like I'm back when I'm at work. For such a long time I felt slow and off in the office, but now I am finally feeling as if I know what is going on again and I can pull off some real miracles when needed. I think that helps make you feel like a great employee. It also helps that I'm working on dressing up more when I go to work. So I wear accessories (only two each day though - I'm not crazy flashy) and change my sneakers into heels when I hit my office and have cute warm sweaters that match my chic work clothes. I know feeling hot and chic at work helps make my day rock!

I've also spent a busy work getting ready for Lillian's birthday party tomorrow. Now that my monkey is 3 years old we are going to party it up tomorrow with a Halloween costume party. I started baking the cupcakes for the kids last night, only to figure out today that with everyone (and I mean everyone) I invited RSVPing yes, I now need to bake a cake too. So much for only half or two-thirds showing up! I guess my kids are just so popular! Some people even are bringing extra people (with permission and good reason)! Luckily for me I decided a while ago I was NOT cooking this time, and we are ordering pizza for everyone. I'm also making a veggie tray tomorrow, and hit up costco for chips. Now my girlfriend is bringing hummus too so I will make some focaccia bread tonight to go with that. I do feel a little bad that I was too busy to really decorate our house, but I figure it's about the people coming and not so much about the decor. Plus as an environmentalist it is nice to know that I didn't buy a bunch of stuff that will be thrown out right after the party.

So I'll have lots of photos to post from the party on Sunday, and hopefully a few cute ones of my little ladies in their costumes. We'll have a Canadian Gold medal trampolinist and a fairy attending.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

First post marathon run.

Tonight was my first post-marathon run! Woot! I only went 3.5 miles but that's okay. I will get better and longer all the time. I am glad I got to run but I don't think we legs were quite 100% themselves yet, so I will most likely wait until Sunday to do my next run.

This past weekend we did our family photo shots in Waterloo park again and they turned out great, even if Katrina was trying to catch a nap during it.
Our beautiful family!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Big girl is now 3!

My big girl is now 3 years old! I know her birthday was earlier this week but I was so busy with getting back to life post marathon I didn't get a chance to write so here's the post!

3 years ago I was blessed with a chubby, little, beautiful girl. She arrived happy and healthy and I couldn't have asked for me. We've had three wonderful years with and I am looking forward to many many more! Every day she makes me laugh with all the funny and silly things she says and does. I hope she never loses her spirit and spunk. Now since she's too young to answer a lot of these I'm going to answer them for her!

1. What is your favorite color?   pink
2. What is your favorite toy?   puzzles
3. What is your favorite fruit?   raspberries
4. What is your favorite tv show?   Dora
5. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch?  spagetti with sauce
6. What is your favorite outfit?   panda outfit
7. What is your favorite game?  puzzles
8. What is your favorite snack?   mum mums or fruit
9. What is your favorite animal?  birds
10. What is your favorite music? duck song
11. What is your favorite book? any book
12. Who is your best friend?    Chloe and Stella
13. What is your favorite movie?  n/a
14. What is your favorite thing to do outside?   go to the park
15. What is your favorite drink? chocolate milk
16. What is your favorite holiday?   her own birthday
17. What do you like to take to bed with you at night?   changes nightly

18. What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?   dippy eggs
19. What do you want for dinner on your birthday? 
20. What do you want to be when you grow up?

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October 17, 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Marathon Race Recap.

I drove to Toronto on Saturday with my coach so that I would have to not worry about getting to the race on time on Sunday morning. I’m glad that I did but I didn’t manage to get to sleep as early on Saturday night as I had hoped. I stayed at Laura’s (my coach’s friend) condo and she is an amazing cook so all the food we had was fabulous, but I didn’t manage to get to sleep until almost 11pm.

The day started bright and early when I woke up around 5:00am and finally got up at 5:30am to use the bathroom and get my eye drops in. Steve confirmed that our baby did in fact wake up this early at home. We had picked out our running gear the night before so it was just a mater of getting up, eating our food and getting dressed and geared up before we headed out. The weather at that time was pouring rain! Lucky for us we had hit dollarama the day before so we had some nice simple rain ponchos that helped to keep me entirely dry (except for my socks and shoes). It was supposed to rain all day but likely it stopped just before we began to run. We had a heck of a time finding the bathrooms before the race, and once we did the line was very long, but we managed to use them and get ourselves to the starting coral without too much trouble. Once we were in the coral my nerves got the better of me, and I cried a bit just because of how nervous I was feeling.

The race began at 8:30am and it took us until 8:52 to get over the start line, because there were so many people running. Both myself and Cecilia got rid of our ponchos before we hit the 3km mark. The first half of the race went pretty good. I had to pee by the 11th km so we started to watch for a port-a-potty with no line and found one pretty quick. I used my ipod to block out my need to pee and focused on keeping the pace.

Everything was going well until the second half of the race. This half was incredibly hard on me physically, mentally and emotionally. Around the 24th km my muscles in my butt began to hurt again and they started to get worse as I went along. Cecilia had me stop and stretch it out a few times but it kept getting worse as I went along. I also started to feel very nauseous as I went along, so Cecilia had me skip a few water stations to try and settle my stomach but it only helped a little bit. Emotionally, it was very hard, and I ended up crying around the 37km mark. I was really disappointed in myself that I couldn’t cut the pace I needed and that my butt was forcing me to slow down. I cried for all the loved ones that I’ve lost (my sister, my oma, my opa), for my body not being strong enough to push me on, for the pain I was feeling everywhere and other reasons. All the pain and frustration that I’d let bottle up just all came flooding out despite how much I was trying not to cry. I pushed myself through all the pain, and I’m so thankful that Cecilia was there to help me through it. 

As much pain as I was in, it wasn’t all bad. Cecilia had hoped that she would be sung to and she was! I had no idea Simone and Garfunkel wrote a song called “Cecilia” so you learn new things everyday. We also taunted someone about Western. Now I don’t presume to tell anyone where to study and many of my friends from high school went there, but Cecilia was wearing her University of Washington cap which has the same colours as Western. So as we were running a guy yelled at us “Go Western” and as she kept going Cecilia yelled back “It’s actually University of Washington”, and without missing a beat I yelled “Friends don’t let friends go to Western!” Cecillia laughed and recommended that we run faster around the corner so we did. We also had a water station where everyone kept chanting “water-water-water” and I replied “loo-loo-loo” which for those of you who don’t know is a chant from my frosh week at UW! Finally, I had a water station that reminded me of Steve and my plant joke. We believe that if plants could talk they would constantly (and insecently) ask for water, so when we ran through a group of 15 or 20 people who all held out water and asked “Water?” “Water?” “Want some water?” and all I could do was giggle because I pictured them all as talking plants. This was around km mark 33 or 34 which means my brain was pretty much useless. Also, John Stanton was between the 40 and 41km mark cheering for people which we both found very cool. At the end they started counting down to the finish line when there was only 500m to go. Cecilia and I pushed me to the finish and we help our hands up in triumph as we crossed the finish line together!
Necklace from Steve for finishing the race.

My favourite signs of the marathon:
  • You are all kinds of awesome!
  • Pain is temporary but internet results last forever!
  • Do it Gangham style!
  • Free Beer at the finish.
  • Go random adult! (group of teens)

One really bad thing that I never even considered was that after the race ended I still had to walk my crazy sore legs to the car! Crap that hurt! I expected myself to cry after the race but I didn’t. I wish I had in a way because it was emotional and by not getting it out I have been carrying that all around with me since then. I know you’re all dying to know if I would do it again, and honestly the answer is yes, but not anytime soon. I missed my babies a lot at the end and after 18 weeks training for a half-marathon, followed by 22 weeks of marathon training I’m a really drained and need time for my babies before I try this distance again. And honestly, the race was a lot harder than I expected mentally. I thought if I had gone through labour that this race would be no big deal but man was I wrong. Now it’s going to be Steve’s turn to give the marathon a try. He’s planning to run the next Toronto marathon in May 2013.

So now I am taking a full week off of running and then next week will start to add back my running and work on adding cross training into my fitness routine. Then I am planning to start trying for our final baby.
Two proud runners!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Quickie Race post.

I promise a longer post will come soon but with my daughter's birthday being tomorrow I've got a very busy week.

So I finished my very first marathon! I didn't hit my time goal, but I did it in 5:13:57 and I am super proud of myself.

More details to follow in a few days. So don't worry, I'm still here!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Getting all ready to go.

Tomorrow morning I will jump into my car and drive to Toronto for my marathon. Did you know it's only 1 day, 12 hours and 7 minutes until I start! That's right. I'll be leaving my daughters and husband tomorrow as a running mother and coming back as a marathon running mama!

I've got most of my bag packed but have a few things I can not forget in the morning, mainly my oatmeal and running cookies! Must not forget them! Most of my clothes have made their way into my bag, and I've updated my ipod with new music lists for the run. Hopefully I won't forget anything when I pack. Oh well, if I do, I guess that's what credit cards are for! Hehe, just don't tell my husband.

Alright, I should go finish packing now that my laundry is finished. Wish me luck on Sunday. I'll report back on Monday or Tuesday with all the details! And for a good laugh, here is a conversation I had with Steve today.

I came down to the main floor after doing some cleaning upstairs and found Katrina playing with the toy lawn mower on the main floor. Steve and Lillian were in the basement. After some time Steve came upstairs in investigate and asked "Katrina how did you get upstairs by yourself?". I turned around and immediately said "Poor supervision." Burn! I totally win!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Running cravings.

Okay, seriously pregnancy cravings are weird but they have NOTHING on my running cravings! Today after running 6k on my treadmill I was S-T-A-R-V-I-N-G beyond possibility and I made and ate a bowl of guacamole with naan crisps, a hunk of turkey on a cracker, and a decaf latte. I have no idea where these strange cravings are coming from but whatever I'm just eating them, within reason of course. I really wanted Chinese food on the weekend but I figured that I had enough junk food with pizza on Thursday and then loads of dessert on the weekend. So I resisted that craving but a decaf latte and guacamole didn't sound so bad so I gave in. And it was YUMMY!

So now I'm off to finish my coffee and curl up in bed with a good book!
Out for a stroll.

Training Tuesday - Week 21 of 22

Wowzers! I have less than a week until my race! Woot!

I had some great easy runs this week. I had a 6:46, 7:34 and 7:29 pace. I enjoyed my runs and have rested a lot this week and am ready for my run on the weekend.

I am going to have an AMAZING race and now it's only a matter of time until I finish my run.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Things I am thankful for.

Since it's Thanksgiving weekend I figured I should blog about what I am thankful for. So here are the top three things that I am thankful for!

1. My little ladies!
I love my two little monkeys despite their crazy shenanigans that have come up as of late. Every day I remind myself that I am truly blessed to have these beautiful, healthy, happy little babies in my life. Last week I was very stressed out by my six days of solo parenting of them, but every night while they were sleeping peacefully I would stare at them for a while and just watch them. I gave them each a little kiss and headed off to bed. They are the part of me, that no one can ever take away from me!

2. My wonderful husband!
Yes the man drives me bonkers sometimes. Yes the man makes a huge mess in my house sometimes. Yes he does damage to our cars. Yes he forgets to thank me and makes me feel bad sometimes. But he is the man who gave me these two wonderful babies and he loves me even when I'm post-run sweaty and stinky and so hungry that I get snarky. He comforts me when I cry,  holds me when I'm scared, encourages my dreams, and is an amazing father to our daughters. We have our differences at times but he is a good hearted man and I respect him which is something I struggled with a long time with men. I can't imagine my life without him by my side everyday!

3. I can cook!
I had to laugh because Steve put this in his top items to be thankful for too. This one is thanks to my mother forcing me to help in the kitchen and I'm very thankful for it. So many people now can't cook and I not only love to cook, but also am pretty good at it. What I come up with my kids and
my husband, enjoy eating. I make us healthy delicious food and buy local, natural ingredients and am proud of how well I take care of my kids. I made home made apple pie for my family Thanksgiving on Saturday. Today I used my leftovers from that dinner to make potato leek soup, african peanut soup, and turkey with rice
and veggies. These should feed my family for the week! And then I randomly decided to bake homemade cinnamon buns for everyone for breakfast on Monday since they are Steve's favourite and he is so wonderful that I wanted to give him something special. So thank you to my mom and my oma who made sure that I know how to cook because it's a skill that I can use every single day and my family has greatly benefited from it.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Countdown counts on.

Right now I have 7 days and 12 hours before my marathon!

I am so excited and a bit nervous because I really want to be over the pinkeye and cold that I have been given from my girls. I know I will get through this marathon in one piece but I'm nervous for my time goal. On another happy note I get to leave at the crack of dawn on Saturday and run like hell away from my family for a two days! I love my husband, and I love my daughters, and I love our little family but those 6 days of being alone with them with the pinkeye, and the cold, and missing work was so stressful for me. I am going to enjoy my Saturday and Sunday with my coach and her girlfriend who I think it pretty cool. We're having a pasta dinner on Saturday, breakfast Sunday, the race starts at 8:30 which is pretty early for what time I start running but that's fine and I'll adjust.

I went to the running room yesterday and picked up a little pocket to attach to my water belt so that I can store all my extra running fuel in. I've also being trying to figure out what all I need to pack on Saturday and I think I have it all figured out. So now I just have to wait out the next week and then I will be a marathon runner! OMG!!!

 I wanted to go as a marathoner for Halloween but was told I couldn't since it technically wouldn't be a costume. Boo-erns on those people! But I guess I'll just have to go as something else and be proud of myself.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I have pinkeye and have had a few horrible days. I feel like a failure as a mother because I yelled and my baby cried. I broke the dish rack, a coffee cup, a wine glass, and the laundry basket (no idea how that one actually happened). I am tired. I'm sick. And my kids were horrible today despite me making every attempt to make it a fun day. I played with them, I cuddled Katrina before nap time and in the evening, I made fish for lunch, I baked homemade cookies, we played in the muddy garden (it rained this morning), they had an extra bubbly bubble bath, and yet they were just not happen. I couldn't keep my two kids happy for 5 days without their dad. What one earth makes me think I can possibly handle a 3rd? I got my first run in on Monday night but the very idea of going running today or tomorrow makes me want to hurl. I just want to curl up into a ball and cry.

See people, I'm not made of stone, or other hard substance. I'm weak, and I'm human. Now here are some pictures of the girls because my time is up as my dishwasher won't empty itself.

Rejecting pizza for zucchini with tomato sauce.

Pretty in purple.

Animal fun time (aka not hanging on mommy for 30 seconds)!