Friday, October 26, 2012

It's Friday already!?

I can't believe that it's already Friday. Where on earth did this week go?! I managed to do so much this week both at work and at home. I killed my to do list at work! I went from 15 items down to to only 3! Yes I am just that amazing! I finally feel like I'm back when I'm at work. For such a long time I felt slow and off in the office, but now I am finally feeling as if I know what is going on again and I can pull off some real miracles when needed. I think that helps make you feel like a great employee. It also helps that I'm working on dressing up more when I go to work. So I wear accessories (only two each day though - I'm not crazy flashy) and change my sneakers into heels when I hit my office and have cute warm sweaters that match my chic work clothes. I know feeling hot and chic at work helps make my day rock!

I've also spent a busy work getting ready for Lillian's birthday party tomorrow. Now that my monkey is 3 years old we are going to party it up tomorrow with a Halloween costume party. I started baking the cupcakes for the kids last night, only to figure out today that with everyone (and I mean everyone) I invited RSVPing yes, I now need to bake a cake too. So much for only half or two-thirds showing up! I guess my kids are just so popular! Some people even are bringing extra people (with permission and good reason)! Luckily for me I decided a while ago I was NOT cooking this time, and we are ordering pizza for everyone. I'm also making a veggie tray tomorrow, and hit up costco for chips. Now my girlfriend is bringing hummus too so I will make some focaccia bread tonight to go with that. I do feel a little bad that I was too busy to really decorate our house, but I figure it's about the people coming and not so much about the decor. Plus as an environmentalist it is nice to know that I didn't buy a bunch of stuff that will be thrown out right after the party.

So I'll have lots of photos to post from the party on Sunday, and hopefully a few cute ones of my little ladies in their costumes. We'll have a Canadian Gold medal trampolinist and a fairy attending.

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