Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Literally sick and tired.

So I have two countdowns going right now. The first is to my marathon. I'm down to 12 days. Wowzers! The other countdown is until my husband returns from his business trip (hope you're having a good time sweetie). That is currently at 2 days! Woot! Thanks to my wonderful girlfriend Jenn who helped me keep my kids under control yesterday and part of this evening. I feel more in control with them not running a muck everywhere! Sadly however I was supposed to have a great girlie night tonight with my coach but we had to cancel because the itty bitty and I have pink eye.

Seriously! How is that fair?! I know that I have it really good in my life and shouldn't complain. I have healthy children (aside from the stupid pink eye), a husband who loves me, a great job, awesome friends, and a wonderful home, but I just feel bummed about the whole thing. I have things I need to get done at work, which I can't do from home, especially since I'm feeling out of sorts in the office as it is, so missing another day after missing one last week just bites. I wish I could enjoy my day off and have a good time but I feel sad about my hubby still being gone and no fun girlie night. It also doesn't help that my baby has been super clingy lately and my three year old has been a TERROR since her daddy left. I know she misses him and is acting out because she's frustrated but she's making me nuts!

Oh well, guess I should stop complaining, be thankful I finished my run last night and go play with my itty bitty before we need our next round of eye drops.

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