Sunday, October 28, 2012

Party rest.

Our little fairy!
The party went off without a hitch and Lillian had an absolute blast! At one point we had 13 kids and 17 adults packed into our house. I tried to keep it small but we are just so gosh darn popular that everyone we invited came, and that pretty much never happens.  We had a lovely Halloween party for all our friends and their kids.

Lillian wanted to be a fairy so that's what she is dressed up as. Katrina went as the Canadian Olympic Gold medalist (trampoline), I went as a marathoner, and Steve went as a coach. We also had two ladybugs, a tiger, a lion, Elizabeth Bennet, a 50's girl, a dinosaur, and a strawberry. All the kids looked so cute! I think we'll have to push Lillian's birthday back a week forever!

Bat cupcakes instead
I was very smart this year and decided not to cook the food for the party and we ordered pizza. I baked bat cupcakes instead of making a big cake and they were a bit hit! Once I figured out the number of people coming I actually had to make a big cake too, so that was funny but both were yummy and so was everything else that we had!

On Sunday we managed another nice family run. My garmin decided to not play nice but that's okay because I caught it and we turned it on only losing 1km of tracking. The rest of our Sunday was spent hanging out at home with my family, which is always wonderful.Now I've got all our Halloween pumpkin carving to look forward to over the next few days.
The birthday fairy.

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