Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Training Tuesday - Week 20 of 22

The end is getting near.

I managed a nice easy 9km treadmill run on Tuesday. I forgot how dull treadmill running can be even though I enjoyed watching my chick flick while running. I was supposed to do another run on Thursday but with the pink eye hitting our house and the baby up crying at 5am I was not doing my other easy run. My coach is awesome though and told me that happens and to just "bag it" and move on. It's nice to not stress about things like that.

Then on Saturday I got out early so my husband could get off on his business trip to Boston. I ran my 16km and apparently cannot predict the distance for the road I was on. I took my time and just ran my distance and felt great doing it. Now I'm busy dreaming about my marathon and looking forward to it.

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