Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Silly couch potoatoes!

I have some exciting news. I randomly stepped on the scale this morning and awesome news, I am down to 149.4lbs which means I'm only a half pound away from the weight range I was in for my whole marathon training! Woot!

I also managed to go to my fitness class tonight. So I am back to my life as usual, other than trying to knit a bunch of scarves for my girls' daycare teachers!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Shhh got a photo on!

Silly peanut!
I managed to delete a few random photos off a part of the system that counted towards used space but wasn't actually part of my blog so I could sneak a cute photo on! So here's a blog for you awesome patient audience people!

I was given a Liebser Award by a blogger I greatly admire. Thanks Briana at Bionic Briana! So here is what she asked and what I had to say!
  1. When an adult asked you as a kid what you wanted to be when you grow up, what was your answer?
    I always wanted to be a teacher. I also wanted to be a mom, a programer, a doctor and such but I always came back to teacher.
  2. If you celebrate Christmas, real or fake Christmas tree?
    Christmas is big in this house! Last year we had a real tree which looks great in our 11 foot main floor, but sadly this year with the hubby working for himself dropping a hundred bucks on that was not happening. So we are using are fake one. But at least it's a new one we got after Christmas last year on sale and it looks pretty.
  3. What is your favorite time of the day and why?
    Is it bad to say after my kids go to bed?! Honestly between breakfast and lunch on weekends. The kids are fed and rested and in the best mood of the day, and I can leave the dishes until lunch so I have more time for them.
  4. In your current relationship, who said "I love you" first?
    Me! I told my now husband at 1 month. I knew he was the one. He'd never said it before and was a bit shy so we made up the word "lowk" for a combo of love and like that he could say until he was read.
  5. When shopping for clothes, do you prefer to get-in-and-get-out or do you like to make a day of it?
    Despite losing weight so everything fits like it should, I still panic picking clothes and just want it OVER!
  6. Leaving the bodily functions out of it, what is the first thing you usually do in the morning?
    Check on my kids. Usually I'm up because the peanut is, so I get to go grab her and she is always so happy and ready to start the day! After that it's make coffee.
  7. With the upcoming New Year, do you make resolutions? Do you have any in mind for 2013?
    Sometimes I do and others I don't. I have none in mind for 2013 but as SOOOO jealous of my running friend who is going to run 13, 13 mile races in 2013! I so want to join her but that combined with trying to have a 3rd baby won't really work.
  8. If money wasn't an issue, where is the one place in the world you'd like to travel?
    I'd go down under to Austrailia! Hubby and I have always wanted to go.
  9. Climate Change (formerly known as Global Warming). Do you believe in it? Why or why not?
    Yup. While I feel part of it is a natural cycle the earth goes through before an ice age hits, I do feel we are speeding it up. I've seen too many things and extreme weather to feel it's all just coincidence.
  10. And last, but maybe most important of all, how do YOU take your coffee? Who knows. I might need this information someday when we meet.
    I'm a cream and sugar girl all the way!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Miss you all!

Don't worry by blog reading friends. I'm still here. Sorry I haven't written in a bit but I ran out of space for my photos on the blog and am trying to figure out a way to save them all without losing my old posts. Right now to add more I have to delete some which I don't really like the idea of. So I am working on a few options and will keep you posted in the meantime as I figure things out.

Hope you all had a good weekend! I'm finally feeling like a person again, sadly only physically as I wanted to strangle people all weekend, but more on that another night!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How cookies are really made.

Just in case you were wondering, this is how cookies are really made! Anyone want a taste?

Things around here have been pretty crazy with everyone taking so long to get over their colds, and while we are all healthy none of us are "normal" yet. Katrina is sleeping extra, Lillian is extra sensitive, Steve and I are sore (in various areas) and everyone is still coughing. This means running has been hard for me, but then today I remembered it was only a little over a month ago that I ran a marathon and maybe I'm being too hard on myself. I wish I could run more than 2 or 3km but right now the issues in my chest are making it hard for me to run. Honestly if I was training for something specific I would push through but since I am getting back to life post marathon I'm not going to force myself to push through this pain. We all need rest and time off and I am NOT going to bully myself.

So I will keep spending time with my girls and work on my daycare teacher knitted gifts and let my husband work on upping his kms, because for me there is always next week and another race to try and hit under 30:00 for 5k.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Normal is returning.

Finally my family is starting to feel more like our old selves. Steve seems to have this sinus thing under control, Katrina is her happy self, Lillian is still a bit sensetive but has been fever free for 36 hours now! Hurray! I even managed to get some errands done today, though I spent far too much money at the fabric store. Ops! I did manage to get the gift for the baby room at the daycare, so that's exciting. We decided to donate a gift to the girl's daycare rooms rather than the individual teachers. They get enough chocolate, candy and coffee cups, so I heard about donating to the room, which I love, and the teachers appreciate it too. So I got the baby lullaby CDs today and a toy that plays music, moves things and has lights for the babies to watch. Now I just need batteries and they will be good to go. I have not gotten Lillian's room anything yet, but I know they'll get books and puzzles. I just need to get to Zellers to pick up the puzzles. I have also decided to knit all the teachers a scarf. That might sound like a crazy idea but because I knit a lot a few scarves is not a big deal. I already had 2 finished in a drawer and 3 half done, so that only leaves me with the three to finish and another 3 or 4 to knit. I figure I should have extras so that each of the teachers can pick their own scarves, and then have a few left at the end to go back in my drawer!
Hanov ladies at the Santa Claus parade.
On top of running errands and getting shopping done, we also managed to get everyone out of the house this morning to go to the Santa Claus parade! We've never taken them to the parade so I was really excited that we got to go and both girls loved it. I couldn't even get Lillian to look at daddy for a photo. I left Lillian at home with Steve during the errands and just took Katrina with me and my girlfriend. Now the plan is for her to come over tomorrow so we can do some sewing, she can watch some football (her satellite is misbehaving) and the babies and I will be making some salt dough ornaments to put on our Christmas gifts. Yippy!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


My big girl is STILL sick! Her and I came down with it on the weekend. I missed Monday/Tuesday at work, she missed 3 days of daycare this week and my girlfriend is coming over to babysit her tomorrow. Honestly this is INSANE! On top of that Steve and Katrina were sick 4 days last week. CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY! I am feeling normal again, but not well enough to run. My Wednesday 5k planned run became 2k because I was sweating like I had run a half-marathon. Hopefully the weekend will be better.

I am so thankful for my girlfriend that she can come to watch her for me. Lillian loves her and will be fine with her. Mainly she is getting a fever in the afternoon so with her visiting the potty a lot tonight our daycare requires her to stay home tomorrow, and my friend is doing us a huge favour to help us out! I'm thanking her with cold hard cash! This is why I have a baby fund in my bank account! I keep extra money set aside for things the girls need that we couldn't or didn't budget for in any given month. Thank goodness we are savers because it comes in handy big time for moments like this.

So today I am thankful for wonderful friends who can step in at a moment to help us, and even more thankful that I can show my appreciation to them in so many ways!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Still sick.

Title says it all. So here are some baby photos so I can go to bed now.


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Colds and Hard Choices.

In Lillian's chair eating Lillian's pizza.
Our family has been competing against a cold that doesn't seem to want to end for a week now! Katrina threw up on Sunday last week and that was the start of it. She was home Monday and then Wednesday - Friday. Steve was sick with her the whole time too. Now on Saturday him and Katrina started to feel better but Lillian and I were down for the count. I think I have the weakest of the colds, and Katrina the worst of it, but Lillian was fighting a pretty bad fever last night and I have to say I was worried about her. I know that kids get colds and fevers and that's part of parenting, but she looked so sad and out of it, and I was so helpless to do anythings about it. In the end the children's Advil brought her fever down and she fell asleep but I don't like to see her like that. Today she is much happier, though still a sickie boo, and Katrina is just taring up a storm around our house.

But now I feel weak and sick and am really tired. I've spent most of my weekend running around the house getting what needs to be done, done, and the rest I've been sitting on the couch trying to rest as much as I can. It means I got to spend a lot of time cuddling my little ladies this weekend.

Sneaky little sister.
But what this weekend has also given me a lot of time to think about things and one particular thing has been stressing me out a lot lately, the choice of whether to have a third child. I want another baby, and often when I look at our girls or our family photo I see a missing ghost baby that should be there. But lately more, and more, I feel as if it isn't right to have a third. Our world is already crazy overpopulated, we can't keep having more children at the rate we are and provide for them all. I know I live in a country that can handle the extra kids and even encourages it because we have a population drop. I also know a lot of people (suddenly) who are having a third and that makes me worry more. If we were the "wackos" who wanted 3 in a mass of 2 kid families I'd be less concerned. But we seem to be part of a wanting 3 mass of people. I worry about the economy, the world at large, the environment and what an extra child would mean for all of them. But I also look at my two beautiful girls and think why shouldn't I have a third? We can afford it. We can provide for them all. We can educate and love them all. But I still don't know. Ultimately adopting a third would be the ideal choice, but my hubby is not so keen on that. So I will continue to ponder and stress out trying to make the choice.

Ultimately this choice won't be made today, but I think I need to go talk to a professional, since everyone I know has very strong opinions for or against a third and I need someone with outside perspective. Thankfully, Steve is fine with this and encourages me to talk to whoever I want.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


For those who have been reading for a while, you know I am obsessed with feeding my family healthy food. This includes making our bread from scratch in a breadmaker. Sadly this week my second Oster bread maker is not doing it's job right anymore. It has been acting up for some time now, but it seems to have bit the dust finally. So that means to have bread for tomorrow I needed to bake bread from scratch. I think I would have made my Opa (who was a professional baker) proud!

My second bread with my sandwich for lunch.
My little lady has been a sicky boo today and a few days this week. She spent Monday, Wednesday and today home with Daddy. He was a sicky boo too so that made it easy for him to stay with her. We're hoping that her fever finally breaks tomorrow but I have a feeling that she'll be home again tomorrow. I had a busy week at work so I couldn't keep her home, so it's been up to him. But I think they've been having a good time together. Here she is drawing in the art nook. Kids get colds and that's a part of life, but I don't like when she's sick. Her and Steve are both suckies when they are sick, but even worse, we were going to get our flu shots from the doctor's office this weekend. I'll call and confirm they can't get them while sick, and maybe the girls can go to the office to get theirs and Steve and I can go to the university ones. We'll see. But at least I'm not sick, and I managed to run 13.5km yesterday. Woot!
Sicky boo drawing in the art nook.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My breaking heart.

I have some very dear friends in my life, and I am thankful for every single one of them. One of my friends has a family that she is close with us recently lost their daughter after a long battle with cancer, and my heart is just breaking for this family. Right now I have a sick little one with Katrina having a mild fever since Sunday night. I can't say for sure if it's from a bug or teething, but we've been up every night, and as exhausted as I am I keep reminding myself that I get to hold her, and comfort her and there are mothers out there who no longer can. I look at my beautiful Lillian with her fine blond hair and wonder what I did to deserve such wonderful children.

I'm the second child of a family who lost a child, and it is a pain my mother has worn every day for my entire memory of her. She doesn't laugh as much as other moms. She was always a little over protective, but she loved me so much, and even as an adult I can feel it all the time. But as a mother I just can't fathom the pain that a mother goes through when they lose a child. I can't even imagine a day without my girls. I can't go to sleep without checking on both of them at least once to know they are safe and sound in their beds. I've seen cancer take someone I loved, and I know it's painful to watch and hard on everyone around them, but when your grandfather is dieing you know it's part of life, and after 75 years (60 of which were in great health) you know life has been good to him. But what do you say to the parent who's losing a 3 year old, or a 7 year old like my mom. They didn't get to do so much. I always like to think my sister achieved everything she was meant to do in just 7 years and that was all she needed, while I'm still trying to do my part here. But the truth is, I don't understand whey bad things have to happen to children. I don't think it's fair that families have to go through this kind of pain.

I believe in God. I believe in a purpose to everything, but this is the one I will struggle with as long as I live. Sorry to bring up such a sad topic, but it's been breaking my heart now for the past few weeks and I needed a way to express it.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Marathon Photos!

I finally got around to buying my marathon photos! Hurray. Well, actually my husband bought them. Thanks sweetie! So here are a few of my favourites. I know I've been slacking in the blogging department a bit, but next week things at work settle down a bit for me and life should be back to normal!

So thanks to the fantastic coach who got me through the hardest part of the run, and helped keep me going when I wanted to stop. For the rest of my life I can proudly say that I have run a marathon and no one can ever take that away from me!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween cuties!

We had a fantastic Halloween!

My little one dressed up as a shark, thanks to a family friend lending us the costume, while my oldest requested to go as a fairy. Katrina only made it to like 10 houses before she got too cold to go on any further. Lillian stayed out until she was shivering and even then wanted to do the last three houses!

My girlfriend came over to take the girls out trick or treating with me and Steve handed out candy. I have to admit they both did really well. We allowed them each a candy before bed, but that was it. So they went down without a lot of fuss and other than bedtime being pushed back a half hour things went well.

Now enjoy our silly pumpkin photos!

2012 - unhappy in the pumpkin
2012 - thrilled to be in the pumpkin
2011 - Still 1 happy and 1 sad, just reversed!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Fitness coming back!

Lots of fitness related stuff to write about today.

First off, I weighted in this morning, and I am down 1.6lbs meaning I only have another 2.8lbs to lose all the weight I gained during the marathon taper. So that makes me feel awesome! Pretty cool to drop a third of the weight I wanted to drop in less than a week getting back into eating healthy!

Another thing I managed to accomplish this week was I got back to my fitness classes. I have a bunch that I want to try out and I was thrilled to find out that I went in on a special day that I got 9 classes for the price of 8, so my first one was free, and let me tell you I am in PAIN! Good pain, but I decided to make myself get up and go for a 10k run Friday morning after doing an hour fitness class. So my legs are very sore today, and are really going to hurt tomorrow!  Oh, and did I mention that it snowed (!!!) on my run today! It didn't stick around, and it wasn't serious flurries, but it did snow for about 5k of my 10k. Crazy!

While running today I came up with my fitness goals for the rest of this year, so here they are lovely readers!
Every week I want to do three things:
1/ Go to fitness class at least once a week.
2/ Run at least 20km spread out in 2-4 runs.
3/ Get back and stay in the 140's.

So now I'm happy to have a goal to keep me going until January, when we plan to start trying for a third baby. I want to keep training on getting faster and maintain my half-marathon distance. I figure that since we have no idea how long it'll take us to get pregnant again (or if we will) I don't want to put my runs and racing on hold.