Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween cuties!

We had a fantastic Halloween!

My little one dressed up as a shark, thanks to a family friend lending us the costume, while my oldest requested to go as a fairy. Katrina only made it to like 10 houses before she got too cold to go on any further. Lillian stayed out until she was shivering and even then wanted to do the last three houses!

My girlfriend came over to take the girls out trick or treating with me and Steve handed out candy. I have to admit they both did really well. We allowed them each a candy before bed, but that was it. So they went down without a lot of fuss and other than bedtime being pushed back a half hour things went well.

Now enjoy our silly pumpkin photos!

2012 - unhappy in the pumpkin
2012 - thrilled to be in the pumpkin
2011 - Still 1 happy and 1 sad, just reversed!

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