Saturday, November 17, 2012

Normal is returning.

Finally my family is starting to feel more like our old selves. Steve seems to have this sinus thing under control, Katrina is her happy self, Lillian is still a bit sensetive but has been fever free for 36 hours now! Hurray! I even managed to get some errands done today, though I spent far too much money at the fabric store. Ops! I did manage to get the gift for the baby room at the daycare, so that's exciting. We decided to donate a gift to the girl's daycare rooms rather than the individual teachers. They get enough chocolate, candy and coffee cups, so I heard about donating to the room, which I love, and the teachers appreciate it too. So I got the baby lullaby CDs today and a toy that plays music, moves things and has lights for the babies to watch. Now I just need batteries and they will be good to go. I have not gotten Lillian's room anything yet, but I know they'll get books and puzzles. I just need to get to Zellers to pick up the puzzles. I have also decided to knit all the teachers a scarf. That might sound like a crazy idea but because I knit a lot a few scarves is not a big deal. I already had 2 finished in a drawer and 3 half done, so that only leaves me with the three to finish and another 3 or 4 to knit. I figure I should have extras so that each of the teachers can pick their own scarves, and then have a few left at the end to go back in my drawer!
Hanov ladies at the Santa Claus parade.
On top of running errands and getting shopping done, we also managed to get everyone out of the house this morning to go to the Santa Claus parade! We've never taken them to the parade so I was really excited that we got to go and both girls loved it. I couldn't even get Lillian to look at daddy for a photo. I left Lillian at home with Steve during the errands and just took Katrina with me and my girlfriend. Now the plan is for her to come over tomorrow so we can do some sewing, she can watch some football (her satellite is misbehaving) and the babies and I will be making some salt dough ornaments to put on our Christmas gifts. Yippy!

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