Monday, November 26, 2012

Shhh got a photo on!

Silly peanut!
I managed to delete a few random photos off a part of the system that counted towards used space but wasn't actually part of my blog so I could sneak a cute photo on! So here's a blog for you awesome patient audience people!

I was given a Liebser Award by a blogger I greatly admire. Thanks Briana at Bionic Briana! So here is what she asked and what I had to say!
  1. When an adult asked you as a kid what you wanted to be when you grow up, what was your answer?
    I always wanted to be a teacher. I also wanted to be a mom, a programer, a doctor and such but I always came back to teacher.
  2. If you celebrate Christmas, real or fake Christmas tree?
    Christmas is big in this house! Last year we had a real tree which looks great in our 11 foot main floor, but sadly this year with the hubby working for himself dropping a hundred bucks on that was not happening. So we are using are fake one. But at least it's a new one we got after Christmas last year on sale and it looks pretty.
  3. What is your favorite time of the day and why?
    Is it bad to say after my kids go to bed?! Honestly between breakfast and lunch on weekends. The kids are fed and rested and in the best mood of the day, and I can leave the dishes until lunch so I have more time for them.
  4. In your current relationship, who said "I love you" first?
    Me! I told my now husband at 1 month. I knew he was the one. He'd never said it before and was a bit shy so we made up the word "lowk" for a combo of love and like that he could say until he was read.
  5. When shopping for clothes, do you prefer to get-in-and-get-out or do you like to make a day of it?
    Despite losing weight so everything fits like it should, I still panic picking clothes and just want it OVER!
  6. Leaving the bodily functions out of it, what is the first thing you usually do in the morning?
    Check on my kids. Usually I'm up because the peanut is, so I get to go grab her and she is always so happy and ready to start the day! After that it's make coffee.
  7. With the upcoming New Year, do you make resolutions? Do you have any in mind for 2013?
    Sometimes I do and others I don't. I have none in mind for 2013 but as SOOOO jealous of my running friend who is going to run 13, 13 mile races in 2013! I so want to join her but that combined with trying to have a 3rd baby won't really work.
  8. If money wasn't an issue, where is the one place in the world you'd like to travel?
    I'd go down under to Austrailia! Hubby and I have always wanted to go.
  9. Climate Change (formerly known as Global Warming). Do you believe in it? Why or why not?
    Yup. While I feel part of it is a natural cycle the earth goes through before an ice age hits, I do feel we are speeding it up. I've seen too many things and extreme weather to feel it's all just coincidence.
  10. And last, but maybe most important of all, how do YOU take your coffee? Who knows. I might need this information someday when we meet.
    I'm a cream and sugar girl all the way!

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