Sunday, December 9, 2012

Question for you!

Okay lovely blog readers. I know that I have been slacking as of late on my blogging and for that I am sorry. I know there is now excuse, though sick kids is one of the major things that has kept me from writing. Well that and the fact that I needed to finish knitting enough scarves for my daughters' daycare teachers as a Christmas gift. They have a total of 6 super, fantastic ladies who supervise them and I needed everyone to have a choice. The mere thought of the last woman getting suck with a scarf really upset me, so I knitted a total of 9 scarves in about two weeks. Now granted a few already partially knitted and I just have to finish them, but I still made five or six from the beginning. So needless to say my hands have been very busy knitting rather than blogging, but now that the wonderful ladies who take such great care of my girls have picked their scarves out and we held my husband's work Christmas party tonight in our house (the joys of being self employed/working for a startup) means that after my rest night tomorrow I can actually have a bit more time for me and that means blogging and lots more photos.

So now on to my question. Steve has purchased me a new site to run Wordpress from since I've run out if photo space on blogger. Now I need to decide whether to just move my old 2010 and 2011 blog posts to the new site as a sort of archive and keep using this site for my blogging, or whether I should move everything over go the new site and learn rouse the new platform. Now while I am not scared of new technology, and my hubby has been using this platform for years on his own site, I don't want to lose or alienate my readers. So PLEASE comment and let me know what you think.

Would your change your bookmark and go to my new site or would you rather I stay put and keep doing what I've been doing here?

Let me know your thoughts!


  1. I'd change my bookmark :) No sense in having two locations really.

  2. I ran out of photo space a year or two ago. Now I can pay around $10 a year for more substantially more photo storage on blogger. And then you won't have to worry about having two sites!

    Unless you are ready for a change and want to try WordPress! Otherwise, I say stay put!

  3. I will follow...where ever you are! That almost sounds like a stalker! lol