Mommy Miracles

So this is a place to list things I manage to get done on really good days. Not everyday can be a great day so this should help me feel better on the days I don't get anything done.

Wednesday, September 28th
- ironed Steve's shirts
- ironed all my sewing stuff
- baked homemade cookies
- swept main floor
- washed all the dishes
- washed the laundry
- ran 10km on treadmill
- baked fresh bread
- bathed both girls
- put Lillian to bed

Thursday, July 21st
- survived hottest day of the year - also first day alone with both girls after Lillian's trip and Steve worked until 9:30pm
- everyone ate
- everyone bathed

Tuesday, July 13th
- put up 3 of the 4 of deck railings
- picked and bundled lavender
- tie up sunflowers
- wash and line dry our laundry
- ran errand to Lowes 

Wednesday, July 6th
- wash and put away dishes
- wash and line dry laundry
- went to Michael's
- swept the whole main floor
- cleaned Lillian's pee (swim diaper)
- mailed my record of employment
- finished the hand stitching on a baby quilt
- cooked a real, healthy meal

Monday, July 4th
- swept the whole main floor
- washed, line dried and put away my laundry
- emptied the dishwasher
- fed everyone before 8:30am
- got out all the green bin, blue bin, garbage, etc...
- picked up the veggies from CSA
- washed all the dishes

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